IMELCO strengthens the position of independents

In the current highly competitive environment, it is imperative that family-owned wholesalers react effectively to rapid market changes in order to maintain their healthy position in the market. The cost of raw materials increases, demand fluctuates, new trends appear, new technologies are developed constantly – you have to adapt to a variety of situations as they arise.

A partnership with many advantages

Being an active member of IMELCO gives you the necessary winning advantage to be able to keep pace with ongoing market developments. While keeping your independence, you join a community of like-minded entrepreneurs having the same ambitions and business goals.

More support
for your sales

IMELCO represents your interests on an international level and, in this way, supports directly your local day-to-day business. In direct contact with the headquarters of your supplier and in addition to your national agreement, we ensure observance of the three-tier distribution channel.

At the same time, we always keep in mind different country-specific criteria.

Your benefits

  • stronger focus on the three-tier distribution through further commitments added by the suppliers on a global scale
  • IMELCO acts as mediator and ensures that your business interests are represented despite all geographical or linguistic barriers
  • connection to an international distribution network

More opportunities
in a strong community

Through IMELCO, your company is associated to a strong international community – without losing your independence.

Your company will gain the best of both:

  • the flexibility of a family-owned business
  • and the strength of an international group

Your benefits

  • reinforced position during negotiations
  • keeping your own identity
  • cross-border information exchange
  • access to new international suppliers

More financial profits
thanks to international agreements

Your supplier loyalty is rewarded through an international bonus-system, offered to all members of IMELCO.

In addition to the national bonus system, you will also participate in the bonus distribution of IMELCO. As a wholesaler of IMELCO, you benefit from all agreements concluded by IMELCO on your behalf at an international level.

Your benefits

  • international bonus system in addition to the local bonus
  • bonus earned – bonus distributed, without any deductions
  • improvement of your local cooperation with the supplier

Your profile
Criteria required for potential members

IMELCO represents a strong community by combining the strengths of all members. In order to preserve this powerful alliance, we have set up requirements for potential members.

  • independent electrical wholesaler
  • with a leading position on the local market
  • having a good level of co-operation with international suppliers
  • prepared for an unlimited exchange of information
  • prepared for active participation in all IMELCO activities

Does your profile match the above-mentioned criteria?
If so, let us start the dialogue and find out our common interests.