Protect your business interest together with strong independent partners

From the perspective of a manufacturer of electrical products, you would certainly agree that numerous criteria have significant impact on future market development: further globalization, quicker assimilation of new technologies, capital-intensive innovations, shorter product life cycles as well as increasing demand for more comprehensive system solutions. When determining your marketing policy, the decision on how the distribution of your products shall take place becomes a further critical success factor.

One partnership, many advantages

Our main ambition is to support the member-owned model of doing business on a global scale. If you wish to learn more about the opportunities that the cooperation with us may offer you, we will be glad to provide a deeper insight into our organization.

Improve your attractiveness
by sharing the experiences in a strong community

On the one hand, you enable your members to open up new possibilities of co-operation with further international suppliers.

On the other hand, you can back up the strategical planning of your group utilizing the experiences of other IMELCO members.

Your benefits

  • International contracts with suppliers
  • High level of exchange of best practices and know-how

A universe of knowledge
Know-how, statistics, and benchmarks

As an IMELCO member, you have access to a comprehensive information pool, which provides you with updated market information at any time.

Via the Intranet, you have access to internal benchmarks, international sales statistics and a database with contacts of suppliers and wholesalers.

Your benefits

  • Brand new data on the latest innovations of our partner suppliers
  • Information on the future strategic orientation of our suppliers
  • Cross-border exchange with the representatives of similar national groups

Develop synergies
Achieve more together

Consolidated strengths permit every individual to profit from the power of the community. Due to the exchange of experiences, new ideas are created, and innovative concepts are born. Regular meetings of IMELCO Managing Directors boost international experiences and the cross-border collaboration.

IMELCO brings together partners sharing the same interests and represents your consortium on an international stage.

Your benefits

  • international exchange of ideas and experiences
  • common innovative concepts

Your profile
Criteria required for potential member cooperation

IMELCO represents a strong community by combining the strengths of all members. In order to preserve this powerful alliance, we have set up requirements for potential members.

  • consortium of independent electrical wholesalers
  • with a leading position on the national market
  • having a good level of co-operation with international suppliers
  • prepared for an unlimited exchange of information
  • prepared for active participation in all IMELCO activities

Does your profile match the above-mentioned criteria? If so, let us start the dialogue and find our common interests.