Increase your market share through partnership with an efficient distributors' network

From the perspective of a manufacturer of electrical products, you would certainly agree that numerous criteria have significant impact on future market development: further globalization, quicker assimilation of new technologies, capital-intensive innovations, shorter product life cycles as well as increasing demand for more comprehensive system solutions. When determining your marketing policy, the decision on how the distribution of your products shall take place becomes a further critical success factor.

The way to enhance your market position

Defining itself as a counter-balance to international wholesaling groups, IMELCO attaches great importance to its continuous development with the goal to strengthen the position of its affiliated member-owned wholesale businesses in the global market of electrical distribution.

IMELCO strives to ensure the balanced environment in the market place, offers its partner suppliers the opportunity to grow their shares on a global scale and provides a platform for a cross-border exchange on matters of vital importance for the electrical distribution sector.

A direct way
to increase your sales

IMELCO embraces the distribution network consisting of more than 1.100 international independent wholesalers.

Our target is to promote your products and enhance your brand and its awareness as well as to contribute to a stronger supplier loyalty among our associated members.

Your benefits

  • Access to an international distribution network
  • Optimization of your customer portfolio
  • Assistance in your international marketing activities

Improved quality
in technical support, sales and service

Put your focus on the quality: all IMELCO wholesalers are highly-motivated medium-sized businesses who have been defending their position in the market for many years.

The long-term experience and the high professional competence can be advantageous for the launch of your products.

Your benefits

  • All IMELCO wholesalers are family-owned medium-sized businesses
  • Professional product presentation at a local level
  • Strong distribution by targeting the needs of local end-customers
  • Professional and timely service

Better market proximity
Closer to your market and your customers

You can quickly obtain feedback from the market and effectively implement adequate measures.

In this way, you are always one step ahead of your competitors.

Your benefits

  • Direct access to all regional markets
  • Direct feedback from the market

Your profile
Criteria required for potential partner suppliers

IMELCO represents a strong community with close relations to its partner suppliers. In order to preserve this powerful alliance, we have set up requirements for potential partners.

  • In your sales policy, do you observe the three-tier distribution channel?
  • Is your product range competitive on global level?
  • Do your products and services meet the needs of electrical wholesalers and their customers?
  • If cooperating with at least five of our 14 IMELCO members, can you provide an adequate service and sales structure in these countries?

These are some questions which you should consider carefully.
Does your profile match the above-mentioned criteria? If so, let us start the dialogue and find out our common interests.