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Integration of Alda associates into Electroclub S. A.

Hanover, Germany - January 21st, 2016

We are very pleased to announce that the integration of Alda Grupo A. I. E.’s associates into Electroclub S. A. was consolidated on 12th January 2016 in Madrid. With retroactive effect of 1st January 2016, 21 new associates have been incorporated into the group.

Electroclub now stands for 50 members, 214 POS and a turnover of more than 500 million EUR. It will become the leader on the Spanish market of electrical distribution and further reinforce the international strength of IMELCO.

Oscar Cantaré Nueno (President of Electroclub) and Josu Gómez Arriaga (President of Alda Group) comment the news as follows: “The integration supports the competitive position of our members due to centralized development of tools which facilitate their management and multiply their trading operations at local level. We have decided to join forces in order to maintain our independence in a competitive environment characterized by an excess of supply, in which the specialization of our groups and the emergence of new sales channels oblige us to not lose sight of the necessity to continue investing.
It is a market which needs to be segmented in order to identify appropriately the product and services needs which ensure our clients’ satisfaction and likewise the continuity of our companies over time.
We will work to meet the expectations which we have set for ourselves, in partnership with our preferred suppliers while seeking to exert a positive influence on a sector which seems to be undergoing a slight recovery.”

The International Marketing Electrical Corporation comprises 14 electrical wholesale groups from Europe, Australia, USA, Canada and Russia. It was founded in 1991 and operates in 22 countries worldwide. The entire corporation represents ~5,000 POS and a consolidated strictly electrical turnover of ~ €bn18 (in 2015).

Mrs. Elena Reignier
General Managing Director
IMELCO S.p.r.l.
Werftstrasse 15
30163 Hannover
Tel. +49 511 61 599 14

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