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IMELCO Supplier Award 2015

Hanover, Germany - July 2nd, 2015

The International Marketing Electrical Corporation welcomed its partner suppliers to an informal lunch with representatives from all IMELCO countries. The central theme of this Networking Event, held on the 4th of June 2015 in the marvelous setting of St. George’s castle in Lisbon, were the results of the worldwide evaluation of IMELCO’s partner suppliers’ sales organizations.

After the official welcome by President Mr. Joan Garcia i Duch (ELECTROCLUB Spain), the concept of the IMELCO Supplier Award Program was presented to the audience: for the first time in IMELCO’s history, this central marketing activity reached out to all local IMELCO wholesalers worldwide to find out which IMELCO suppliers provide the best support to the associated wholesalers.

Winning IMELCO partner suppliers in the individual categories obtained unique honorary certificates:

- OBO Bettermann in the category “Marketing Support”
- Schneider Electric in the category “Sales Force Effectiveness”
- OBO Bettermann in the category “Delivery and Logistics”
- Legrand in the category “Loyalty to Wholesalers”
- Thomas&Betts for the highest score reached in a single sub-category “Quality and Reliability of supply”

The company OBO Bettermann had received however the best overall rating results. Mr. Frank Dahl, General Manager Nordic, gladly accepted the Award on behalf of the company and thanked all participating wholesalers for their positive feed-back.

The Supplier Award 2015 is a work of art related to the celebration of IMELCO’s 9th Convention in 2016 in Paris. The event will take place under the motto “Stay on the move!”, the central theme will be IMELCO’s 25 years of existence, the future perspectives of the electrical wholesale trade as well as the role of IMELCO in the years to come.

Further details about the recent Networking Event can be found in the 2nd issue of our semi-annual newsletter “Global Circuit” (

The International Marketing Electrical Corporation comprises 14 electrical wholesale groups from Europe, Australia, USA, Canada and Russia. It was founded in 1991 and operates in 22 countries worldwide. The entire corporation has ~5,000 POS and generated a consolidated turnover of about EUR 17.5 bn in 2014.

Mrs. Elena Reignier
Managing Director
IMELCO S.p.r.l.
(Operational headquarters)
Werftstrasse 15
30163 Hannover
Tel. +49 511 61 599 14

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